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These charts summarize web usage of the USGS science topics interface. Users outside USGS, search-engine spiders, and errors of various kinds are analyzed separately, and for real users outside USGS, access to the various pages in the interface are separated as well. This information is always about one week behind the current date because the Science Topics inteface is served through a commercial content-mirroring service, and the logs from that service must be collected and consolidated before analysis.
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Explanation of interface components

Item Description
Front The introductory web page (static HTML) shows a broad array of scientific topics, arranged loosely (that is, not necessarily in the strict hierarchy of the formal thesaurus).
Browse Dynamic browse interface is used to "drill down" within categories, showing broader, narrower, and related scientific concepts as well as relevant web resources.
KWIC Alphabetical index of topic terms KWIC refers to the arrangement (key word in context) by which words that occur within a topic term appear in the alphabetical list of the right letter.
Combine Specialized browse interface in which two terms are pre-selected, showing web resources for which both terms apply. Normally accessed only through specific hypertext links on static web pages. An example would be real-time monitoring and reporting of earthquakes
Search Users can enter text to try to find topics that match. This is not a full-text search of the web, instead it is intended to find categories within the controlled vocabularies used for indexing.
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