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USGS Mendenhall Research Fellowship Program


Overview: Currently Research Opportunity S30 is being advertised and will be filled depending on the availability of funds.

Role of Research Advisors:. Research Advisors are appointed to direct project work. The Advisors are USGS scientists with whom the Mendenhall Fellows would work most closely. They will also be involved with reviewing application packages and interviewing candidates. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Research Advisor(s) for further information regarding the Research Opportunities and are strongly urged to coordinate the development of their research proposals with the Research Advisor(s). One of the first steps in the preparation of an application package is establishing contact with the Research Advisor(s).

Role of Human Resources Office Contacts: The Human Resources Office will receive application materials, review the backgrounds of the final candidates to make sure they are qualified for the opportunities, forward them to the Research Advisors and hiring official for consideration, and make the official job offers. The Human Resources Office is also available to provide information regarding the recruitment process and the status of applications.

Job Qualifications: Office of Personnel Management descriptions. of the backgrounds required to perform the types of research listed in these opportunities. Other titles may be applicable depending on the applicant's background, education, and research proposal. The final classification of the positions will be made by the Human Resources specialists in charge.

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Mendenhall - Research Opportunities
RO # Research Opportunity Title Proposed Duty Station Research Advisor(s) Apply Here
S30 Experimental studies of aseismic slip, earthquake occurrence and hazard Menlo Park, CA Nick Beeler, Diane Moore, David Lockner Apply Here
S29 Developing principles and practices for species assessments to inform endangered species determinations, particularly for multiple species assessments Shepherdstown, WV Dave Smith, Kelly Maloney, Mary Freeman, Amanda Rosenberger, John Young  
S28 Characterizing crustal structure in the San Francisco Bay area for earthquake ground-motion simulations Menlo Park, CA Brad Aagaard, Russell Graymer  
S27 Quantification and validation of earthquake ground motions in early warning applications (2-3 positions available) Menlo Park, CA Annemarie Baltay, Sarah Minson, Brad Aagaard, Andy Barbour, Jessica Murray, Thomas Hanks  

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