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USGS Mendenhall Research Fellowship Program


Overview: Currently Research Opportunity (S24) is being advertised (position to be filled depending on the availability of funds).

Role of Research Advisors:. Research Advisors are appointed to direct project work. The Advisors are USGS scientists with whom the Mendenhall Fellows would work most closely. They will also be involved with reviewing application packages and interviewing candidates. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Research Advisor(s) for further information regarding the Research Opportunities and are strongly urged to coordinate the development of their research proposals with the Research Advisor(s). One of the first steps in the preparation of an application package is establishing contact with the Research Advisor(s).

Role of Human Resources Office Contacts: The Human Resources Office will receive application materials, review the backgrounds of the final candidates to make sure they are qualified for the opportunities, forward them to the Research Advisors and hiring official for consideration, and make the official job offers. The Human Resources Office is also available to provide information regarding the recruitment process and the status of applications.

Job Qualifications: Office of Personnel Management descriptions. of the backgrounds required to perform the types of research listed in these opportunities. Other titles may be applicable depending on the applicant's background, education, and research proposal. The final classification of the positions will be made by the Human Resources specialists in charge.

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Mendenhall - Research Opportunities
RO # Research Opportunity Title Proposed Duty Station Research Advisor(s) Apply Here
S26 Estimating Wave Propagation Path Effects in Ground-Motion Prediction Equations via 3D Seismic Velocity Model - A Central California Coast Ranges Case Study Menlo Park, CA Russell Graymer, Brad Aagaard
S25 Advanced research related to geologic carbon dioxide storage Reston, VA Sean Brennan, Madalyn Blondes, Marc Buursink, William Craddock, Jenna Shelton, Tina Roberts-Ashby, Ernie Slucher, Peter Warwick
S24 Development of a geoscience based method to produce a standard elevation product for two-dimensional hydraulic models Rolla, MO Emitt C. Witt, Tom Shoberg Apply Here
S23 Terrain feature extraction from elevation data for national mapping Rolla, MO Samantha T. Arundel, E. Lynn Usery
S22 Development of methods to validate elevation-derived channels to update the National Hydrography Dataset Rolla, MO E. Lynn Usery, Larry Stanislawski
S21 Ecological flows: Assessment of river hydrogeomorphic alteration and ecological impacts Fort Collins, CO Quan Dong, Jonathan Friedman, Greg Auble, Ellen Wohl
S20 Identification of individual species by remote sensing methods Reston, VA Gerald Guala, John Brock, Thomas Loveland, Bernard Hubbard, Raymond Kokaly  
S19 The role of clays in controlling the sediment response to methane gas hydrate formation and dissociation Woods Hole, MA Carolyn Ruppel, William Waite  
S18 Geologic controls on geothermal fluid flow: Data synthesis, 3D geologic modeling, and validation Menlo Park, CA Jonathan Glen, Colin Williams  
S16 The Effects of Flooding and Dam Management on Delta Evolution on the Upper Missouri River Reston, VA Katherine Skalak, Cliff Hupp, Adam Benthem  

Mendenhall Round 16 - Research Opportunities
RO # Research Opportunity Title Proposed Duty Station Research Advisor(s)
16-1 Paleogeodesy at subduction zones—reconstructing temporal and spatial variations in deformation over successive earthquake cycles Anchorage, AK Rob Witter, Rich Briggs, Peter Haeussler, Alan Nelson, Brian Sherrod
16-2 Earthquake Crisis and Risk Communication Menlo Park, CA; Pasadena CA; Golden, CO. Anne Wein, Morgan Page, Andrew Michael, Jeanne Hardebeck, Edward (Ned) Field
16-3 Mining 20+ years of continuous seismic data to characterize deep long-period earthquakes and associated volcanic systems in California Menlo Park, CA David Shelly, Bernard Chouet, Phil Dawson, David Hill, Margaret Mangan
16-4 Magmato-tectonic links: ignimbrite calderas, regional dike swarms, and the transition from arc to rift in the Southern Rocky Mountains Menlo Park, CA Peter Lipman, Ren Thompson, Kyle Anderson, Margaret Mangan
16-5 Hydration of volcanic glass: Relevance to volcanology, archaeology, geochronology, and paleoclimate Menlo Park, CA; Vancouver, WA Jacob Lowenstern, Larry Mastin, Heather Wright, Ilya Bindeman
16-6 Magmatic-tectonic interactions in the western United States Vancouver, WA; Menlo Park, CA Michael Poland, Daniel Dzurisin, Michael Lisowski, Robert McCaffrey, Emily Montgomery-Brown, Kyle R. Anderson, Chuck Wicks
16-7 Petrologic search for causes of protracted explosive versus effusive periods of Kīlauea Volcano, Hawai‘i Menlo Park, CA Tom Sisson, Don Swanson, Kyle Anderson, Carl Thornber, Aaron Pietruszka
16-8 Dynamics of pulsatory volcanic eruptions: from magma reservoir to atmosphere Vancouver, WA and/or Anchorage, AK Heather M. Wright, Larry G. Mastin, Michelle L. Coombs, Hans F. Schwaiger
16-9 Exploring time-dependent seismic hazards on the south flank of Kīlauea Volcano Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, HI; Vancouver, Washington; Menlo Park, CA Weston Thelen, Kyle Anderson, Ingrid Johanson, Asta Miklius, Emily Montgomery-Brown
16-10 Using paleomagnetism to evaluate the risks from clustered volcanic activity Menlo Park, CA Julie Donnelly-Nolan, Duane Champion, Andy Calvert, Cynthia Gardner
16-11 Hydroacoustic detection and characterization of submarine volcanic activity in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, USA Anchorage, AK Matthew Haney, Robert Dziak, William Chadwick, John Lyons, Del Bohnenstiehl
16-12 Investigation of the Variation of Structural Modal Properties with Vibration Amplitude Utilizing Recorded Data from Monitored Buildings Menlo Park, CA Mehmet Çelebi, Ertugrul Taciroglu
16-13 Computing the Seismic Hazard Associated with the Injection of Fluid at Depth Menlo Park, CA or Golden, CO Justin Rubinstein, Daniel McNamara, Mark Petersen, Andrew Michael, Andrea Llenos, Annemarie Baltay, Nicholas Beeler
16-14 Extending Earthquake Ground Motion Calculations to Super-Deterministic Bandwidths Menlo Park, CA; Golden, CO Paul Spudich, Yuehua Zeng, Morgan Moschetti
16-15 Novel crustal deformation models for characterizing earthquake hazard and its uncertainties in the western U.S. Menlo Park, CA Sarah Minson, Wayne Thatcher, Jessica Murray, Fred Pollitz, Yuehua Zeng
16-16 Linking landscape evolution and seismic hazard in California Menlo Park, CA; Pasadena, CA Stephen DeLong, George Hilley, Katherine Scharer, Andrew Cyr, Carol Prentice
16-17 Cascadia Subduction Zone: Synthesis of Known Faults, Discovery of New Faults, and Links Between the Upper Plate and Megathrust Menlo Park, CA Richard Blakely, Daniel Scheirer, Ray Wells, Brian Sherrod, Thomas Brocher, Lydia Staisch
16-18 Limitations and Uncertainty Estimates in Seismic Ground Motion Records Albuquerque, NM Adam T. Ringler, David Wilson, Bob Hutt
16-19 Seismic hazard in zones of transtension Golden, CO Rich Briggs, William Stephenson, Chris DuRoss, Ryan Gold, Morgan Moschetti, Bill Barnhart
16-20 Examining unsaturated zone processes and model complexity to quantify potential for shallow landslide initiation Golden, CO Benjamin Mirus, Rex Baum, Ning Lu, Brian Collins, Francis Ashland
16-21 Earth electrical conductivity and magnetic-storm hazards Golden, CO Jeffrey J. Love, Paul A. Bedrosian, Anna Kelbert, E. Joshua Rigler, Carol. A. Finn
16-22 Developing building fragility/vulnerability data and analytical vulnerability functions for PAGER and ShakeCast systems Golden, CO Kishor Jaiswal, David Wald, Nicolas Luco, Kuo-Wan Lin, Abbie Liel
16-23 Improving numerical simulations of earthquake ground motions using high-resolution 3-D seismic velocity and improved rupture models Golden, CO Morgan Moschetti, Arthur Frankel, Stephen Hartzell, William Stephenson
16-24 On-fault and Off-fault strain rate model and its application to the National Seismic Hazard Model Golden, CO Yuehua Zeng, Mark Petersen, Jessica Murray
16-25 The Integration of Geodetic Data Modeling into Post-Earthquake Response and Source Characterization Golden, CO Gavin Hayes, William Barnhart, Harley Benz, Richard Briggs, Kevin Furlong
16-26 Bridging the Gaps in Volcano Remote Sensing: Measuring, Monitoring, and Relating Surface Changes and Emissions Flagstaff, AZ R. Greg Vaughan, Mike Poland, Rick Wessels, Matt Patrick, Vince Realmuto
16-27 Microbially Enhanced Coalbed Methane Production Reston, VA; Helena, MT William Orem, Elliott Barnhart
16-28 Investigating feedbacks between vegetation, hydrodynamics, and ecosystem services using numerical models Woods Hole, MA Neil K. Ganju, John C. Warner, Kevin D. Kroeger, Jeremy Testa
16-29 Developing morphological change models to improve forecasts of coastal vulnerability Woods Hole, MA; St. Petersburg, FL Christopher Sherwood, Joseph Long, Soupy Dalyander, Jeff List, Nathaniel Plant, Hilary Stockdon
16-30 Mapping and Understanding Ecosystem Changes in Southwestern U.S. using 30+ Years of Landsat Imagery: Hot Spots, Cold Spots, and Everything in Between Sioux Falls, SD Shuguang Liu, Thomas Loveland, Zhe Zhu, Curtis Woodcock
16-31 Remote Sensing of Rangelands to Support Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Menlo Park, CA Kristin Byrd, Miguel Villarreal
16-32 Assessing Forest Structural and Fire Dynamics of Western Forests with Mixed-Severity Fire Regimes Bozeman, MT Greg Pederson, Claudia Regan, Doug Shinneman, Max Moritz, Nancy Glenn, Paul Hessburg
16-33 Investigating geologic archives of past climate, hydrology, and carbon dynamics in Alaska for evidence of forcing, feedbacks and sensitivity on multi-decadal to millennial time-scales Denver, CO Lesleigh Anderson, Miriam Jones, Ben Jones, Bruce Finney, Max Berkelhammer
16-34 How are wildfires and restoration treatments in southwestern pine forests affecting landscape-scale patterns, processes, and resilience to future climate change? Denver, CO Jennifer (Jenny) Briggs, Melanie Vanderhoof, Kristen Pelz (US Forest Service), José Iniguez, Craig D. Allen
16-35 Paleontologic constraints on the History of the San Andreas Fault System Flagstaff, AZ Kristin McDougall-Reid, Kyle House, Robert Powell, Jonathan Matti, Victoria Langenheim, Russell Graymer
16-36 Investigating the Coupled Dynamics between Earthquakes and Tsunamis Menlo Park, CA Eric Geist, Ruth Harris, Tom Parsons
16-37 Coastal response under rising sea levels – how sediment budgets influence shoreline change Santa Cruz, CA Guy Gelfenbaum, Ad van der Spek, Patrick Barnard, Edwin Elias, George Kaminsky, Peter Ruggiero
16-38 Linking Biomarkers to Coral Reef Health Santa Cruz, CA Nancy Prouty, Curt Storlazzi, Cheryl Woodley, Christina Kellogg, Thierry Work, Steve Blazewicz
16-39 Climate History and Deep-Sea-Coral Habitats Santa Cruz, CA Nancy Prouty, Jason Addison, Amanda Demopoulos, Danny Brothers, Matthew McCarthy


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