How to use the data dictionary conversion service

Create your data dictionary file. This is often done using a spreadsheet. Save a copy as tab-delimited text.
Example data dictionary composed in a spreadsheet
Open Tkme with a new or existing metadata record.
Tkme editor window with new Metadata element highlighted
If there is no Entity_and_Attribute_Information in the record, create one by highlighting Metadata and choosing Entity_and_Attribute_Information from the Add menu.
Tkme editor window showing Add menu expanded; one choice is Entity_and_Attribute_Information
Highlight the Entity_and_Attribute_Information element
Tkme editor window after choosing Entity_and_Attribute_Information from the Add menu
Open the Data dictionary conversion service in your web browser. Click Browse and choose the tab-delimited text file containing your data dictionary. Click Submit.
Data dictionary conversion service web page with file name entered in the form
Click the text box showing the results and press Ctrl-A to select all of the text there. Choose Copy from the web browser's Edit menu.
Data dictionary conversion results, with the Detailed_Description text highlighted for copying into the metadata
In Tkme, right-click the Entity_and_Attribute_Information element to bring up the context menu. Choose Paste from this menu.
Tkme editor window showing context menu for the Entity_and_Attribute_Information; the choice to select is Paste
The Detailed_Description element(s) are now properly inserted in your Entity_and_Attribute_Information.
Tkme editor window showing the Detailed_Description entered under Entity_and_Attribute_Information
To examine the metadata as the record would be saved, choose Output from the Help menu.
Tkme editor window showing the expanded Help menu; the option Output will show the metadata in text form
This shows you the text representation of the metadata, with line numbers added. If you click any line to set the text cursor there, you can edit the corresponding element in Tkme by clicking the Edit button in the output window.
Tkme editor output window showing text of the metadata with line numbers