Choosing keywords with Tkme

In Tkme version 3 there is a new facility to help you choose keywords. It uses the vocabulary services at and includes both browse and search interfaces to help you decide which keywords to use for your metadata. This carousel shows how.

1. To use the keyword function of Tkme, you will need to have a metadata record loaded. As always, the structure of the metadata record is given in the left pane, and the textual value of the selected metadata element is shown in the larger right pane.
Tkme window
2. Click the Keywords menu button. The keyword window will appear, with no vocabulary selected. Default keyword type is Theme, but you can change that.
3. Choose a thesaurus using the Thesauri menu button of the keyword window. These thesauri are available from the web service described at
4. With a thesaurus selected, use the Narrower, Broader, or Related buttons to navigate the terms in the thesaurus. Here the top term is shown, and the user is about to select the term "sciences".
5. The Broader, Narrower, and Related button lists change whenever a term is selected to show the appropriate relationships of that term. Here the term earth sciences is selected, and the user is about to choose the term "geology".
6. The term "geology" from this thesaurus was already present in this metadata record, so Tkme automatically selects that metadata element and changes the Assign button to Remove to indicate that you can choose to remove that term from the metadata.
7. Below Broader, Narrower, and Related, the white text search box can be used to find terms beginning with whatever text you type there. If a thesaurus is selected, the search will match terms from the selected vocabulary.
8. Clicking a green button in the search results window will select that term. Here the term chosen was "contamination and pollution".
9. If no vocabulary was specified, the search matches terms in any of the available vocabularies, and each result includes a short name of vocabulary containing that term.
10. Use the menu to select the type of keyword, Theme, Place, Stratum, or Temporal.
11. Terms can be inserted even if you have not yet entered the corresponding keyword thesaurus value. Here Mica schist is selected from a lithology vocabulary.
12. At the click of the green Assign button, the term is added to the metadata, and if no terms from that thesaurus were already present, a new section is added (in this case a new Theme) and the appropriate keyword thesaurus value is inserted automatically.