Providing contact information

Contact_Information provides a structure that attaches address, phone, fax, and email information to the names of people or organizations. It appears in four different sections of standard metadata: All of the elements described here go within Contact_Information.

Required contact information

  1. Is the contact a person or an organization?
    • Person -- the Contact_Organization is optional.
          Contact_Person:  Name of the person
          Contact_Organization:  Name of the organization
    • Organization -- the Contact_Person is optional.
          Contact_Organization:  Name of the organization
          Contact_Person:  Name of the person
  2. What is the address?
    You can supply more than one address. You should indicate whether the addresses given are mailing addresses or physical addresses. This helps people determine which delivery services they can use to send mail to the contact.
        Address_Type:  "mailing", "physical", or "mailing and physical"
        Address:  text
        City:  Name of city
        State_or_Province:  Name or 2-letter abbreviation
        Postal_Code:  Zip code in USA
        Country:  Optional; users may assume USA
  3. Does the contact have a voice, FAX, or TDD/TTY phone?
      Contact_Voice_Telephone:  Telephone number
      Contact_TDD/TTY_Telephone:  Telephone number
      Contact_Facsimile_Telephone:  FAX number
  4. Does the contact have an email address?
      Contact_Electronic_Mail_Address:  Email address

Optional contact information

  Contact_Position:  Role of the contact in the organization
  Hours_of_Service:  Time period (not formally structured)
  Contact_Instructions:  text