Who wrote the metadata?

Details about the metadata document itself are contained within Metadata_Reference_Information. The only elements that are always required here are Some people working with classified data may be required to add security information of various sorts: If your metadata aren't classified, leave these out. The other elements are necessary only if your organization requires them.
  1. When were the metadata last modified?
  2. Has this metadata record been reviewed or will it be reviewed in the future?
      Metadata_Review_Date:  YYYYMMDD
      Metadata_Future_Review_Date:  YYYYMMDD
  3. Who wrote the metadata?
        See Providing contact information
  4. To what standard are the metadata intended to conform?
      Metadata_Standard_Name:  Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
      Metadata_Standard_Version:  FGDC-STD-001-1998
  5. If you specified any clock times in the metadata, did you use local time, GMT, or something else?
      Metadata_Time_Convention:  Local Time, GMT, or something else
  6. Are there legal restrictions on who can get or use the metadata?
      Metadata_Access_Constraints:  Legal statement
      Metadata_Use_Constraints:  Legal statement
        Metadata_Security_Classification_System:  Spook stuff code book
        Metadata_Security_Classification:  Spook stuff code
        Metadata_Security_Handling_Description:  Instructions to other spooks

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