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Formal metadata: information and software

Metadata in plain language

How can people download or order the data set?

  1. In what formats are the data available? Generally the data are in some file format like the Topological Vector Profile of SDTS, ARC/INFO shapefile, ARC/INFO export, HDF, GeoTIFF, or any of thousands of other formats. The format version (or date of the format) is important to the users--this might be the version of the program that created files in that format (for example, "ARC/INFO v7.0.4 export")
            Format_Name:  Be as specific as possible
            Format_Information_Content:  What data are in this format?
            File_Decompression_Technique:  (if compressed) something like "gzip -d"
            Transfer_Size:  Size in megabytes (decimal number)
  2. Can I download the data from the network?
                  Network_Resource_Name:  URL to the data
              Access_Instructions:  (optional) Necessary additional instructions
              Online_Computer_and_Operating_System:  (optional) System distributor uses
  3. Can I get the data on disk or tape?
              Offline_Media:  Name of media (CD-ROM, CD-R, DVD, QIC, etc.)
                Recording_Density:  (for tapes) number
                Recording_Density_Units:  (for tapes) bpi or some other units
              Recording_Format:  CD or tape format
              Compatibility_Information:  more text about compatibility
  4. How much money will it cost to get the data?
        Fees:  Cost
  5. Are there special instructions for ordering?
        Ordering_Instructions:  text
  6. How long will it take to get the data?
        Turnaround:  text
  7. Is there an informal procedure for getting the data?
      Custom_Order_Process:  Legal statement

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