Who produced the data set?

  1. Who created the data set?
    This question is really too simple for many situations. People can have several different roles in producing a data set:
    • Formal authors of the published work
            Originator:  Author's name
            Originator:  Another author's name
            Originator:  . . .
    • Compilers and editors who converted the work to digital form
      The CSDGM does not have a standard element to attribute properly the efforts of those who may have scanned or digitized a map from a previously-published product. The reason why is that primary authorship is likely to vary in scope from one organization to another; if enough changes and corrections were made to the product it may be appropriate to make the digital map specialists formal authors and include the names of the original authors in the title of the digital product. But this is not a decision that applies broadly across scientific and technical disciplines. Consequently you should consult your organization's policies, if any, and find an appropriate place to put this information in the context of those policies.
      So for example, it might be appropriate to list a compiler or editor, indicating in parentheses the role that that person carried out in the production of the data set:
            Originator:  Compiler's name (compiler)
            Originator:  Editor's name (editor)
    • Technical specialists who did some of the processing but aren't listed as formal authors
                See Providing contact information
    • Cooperators, collaborators, funding agencies, and other contributors who deserve mention.
        Data_Set_Credit:  Acknowledgements
  2. To whom should users address questions about the data?
    Usually one of the people or organizations above is designated as the principal point of contact for the data set, coordinating overall guidance to users. This person or organization is described formally as follows:
        See Providing contact information

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