Xtme documentation: menus

Menu Choice What happens
File SaveWrites current file to disk
Save asPrompts user for a new name, then writes file
QuitExits, prompting for confirmation if file changed.
Edit CutDetaches a subtree, remembering it for paste
CopyRemembers a subtree for later paste
PastePlaces a cut or copied subtree into metadata
ClearRemoves the text belonging to a subtree
DuplicateMakes and places a copy of the current element
SwapSwitches the order of the current subtree with the preceding sibling
PruneDeletes all subtrees that do not contain text
View All levelsShows the entire hierarchy
1 levelHides all but the major metadata sections
2 levelsShows the major sections plus one level down
3 levelsShows major sections plus two levels down
HideHides children of the current element
ShowShows children of the current node
Add element nameAdds an element as a child of the current element
Enter value belowThe current element isn't compound; type a value instead
(all of the above)Adds all possible children to the current node
Help VersionShow version information and general hints
ElementShow specific information about the current element
OutputShow the output as it will appear

Note that the Edit, View, and Add menus affect the structure of the metadata, not the textual values.