Xtme keyboard shortcuts affecting the metadata structure

These translations work when the pointer is in the value window or if the resource keyboardFocusPolicy is set to Explicit, which you do by putting a line like the following into the file .Xdefaults in your home directory.
xtme*keyboardFocusPolicy: Explicit

Action Translation Description
save Alt-s Writes current file to disk
save-as   Prompts user for a new name, then writes file
quit Alt-q Exits, prompting for confirmation if file changed.
cut Alt-x Detaches a subtree, remembering it
copy Alt-c Remembers a subtree for later paste
paste Alt-v Places a cut or copied subtree into metadata
clear   Removes the text belonging to a subtree
duplicate Alt-d Makes and places a copy of the current element
swap Alt-grave Switches the order of the current subtree with the preceding sibling
prune   Deletes all subtrees that do not contain text
add-all Alt-a Adds all possible children to the current node
help Alt-h Opens element help window
list-home Alt-KP_7 Selects the root node of the tree
list-up Alt-KP_8 Selects the next visible node upward in the list
list-down Alt-KP_2 Selects the next visible node downward in the list
list-pageup Alt-KP_9 Scrolls the list down one screenfull
list-pagedown Alt-KP_3 Scrolls the list up one screenfull
collapse Alt-Subtract Hides one more level of the whole tree
expand Alt-Add Shows one more level of the whole tree
hide Alt-KP_4 Hides children of the current element
show Alt-KP_6 Shows children of the current node