Metadata extensions for mp, cns, tkme, and xtme

Extensions are explicitly permitted by the FGDC metadata standard, and a structure is provided in the standard to describe the characteristics of non-standard elements that a metadata record might use. The files here describe extensions that may be useful to some metadata authors, and they also serve as examples depicting the flexibility of the CSDGM.

The following types of files are provided here:
Extension Usually something.ext, this file describes the non-standard elements that can be used. The metadata processing programs (mp, cns, xtme, tkme) are made aware of the extension file by an extensions directive in the config file.
Tips Optional file that gives short texts tkme will use to provide hints indicating whether an extended element is optional, repeatable, or some other helpful information.
Config Example config file that could be used to make the metadata software aware of the extension.
Extension Tips Config Description
ESRI-ISO.ext     ESRI's version of ISO metadata
ESRIprof80.ext     ESRI's extensions, introduced in ArcGIS 8.0; used primarily by ArcCatalog to keep the metadata in sync with the data.
NPS.ext     National Park Service metadata extensions
bio.ext bio.tip   For reference only NBII extensions for biological data. These are now supported directly by mp, cns, xtme, and tkme.
cfg.ext   cfg.cfg Extension allowing Tkme to edit the config file.
contact.ext contact.tip   A single, simple extension to allow additional contact information within Point_of_Contact; the new element is Originator_Contact and its content is Contact_Information.
ext.ext   ext.cfg Extension allowing Tkme to edit an extension description file.
geo-age.ext geo-age.tip   For reference only Geologic age extensions. These are now supported directly by mp, cns, xtme, and tkme as part of the biological data profile.
hierarchy.ext hierarchy.tip   Extensions for handling hierarchical metadata records.
parts.ext parts.tip   Extensions for describing the internal structure of a data set
rs.ext   rs.cfg For reference only Remote sensing extensions. These are now supported directly by mp, cns, xtme, and tkme.
smms.ext   smms-complete.cfg Extensions for the export format of SMMS.