U.S. Geological Survey

USGS NSDI Training for creation of formal metadata
Workshop session one

Introduction to formal metadata and the FGDC standard


Following this session participants should understand the general structure of metadata, the reasons for encoding structure explicitly in the metadata, and the information encoded in each of the major sections of the CSDGM.

Topics of discussion

  1. Introduction to the metadata examples

  2. Break

  3. Introduction to the major sections of the CSDGM using examples
    1. Identification Information (DDS-27, Glacier Velocity)
    2. Data Quality Information (DDS-27, OFR 95-78)
    3. Spatial Data Organization Information (DDS-27, DDS-11)
    4. Spatial Reference Information (DDS-27, DDS-11)
    5. Entity and Attribute Information (OFR 95-78, Dust)
    6. Distribution Information (DDS-11)
    7. Metadata Reference Information (DDS-27)

  4. Review of the CSDGM itself

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